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Conventional- Constant Centerline Type - CCL 


V-WELD Conventional Rotator are having One power unit and One Idler unit with combined load capacity of set, as per the rated load of Set. The vessel or job will be supported on one set of rotator and job will be manipulated for the need. V-Weld Design quality conventional rotators having various salient features. Conventional welding rotator ranges includes up to 2000 tons and can be enhance up to 3000 Tons.

The constant center line ( CCL) design is effective method of center adjustment of rollers, so that job center always remain unchanged. The adjustment between two rollers will be done by manual drag and clamp method, which is more practical, less maintenance and user friendly. Manual or motorized adjustment with Connecting Lead Screw ( optional) of rollers can be provided on request. Yes, various roller material optional like Urethane, Cast Steel or Steel wheel, as per the model selections are available.

Conventional Welding rotator capacity range upto 2000 tons.  Get in touch with V-WELD. 


- Fast production and quality improvements

- Reduce fatigue for welder

- No need to use crane of job handling

Pressure Vessels Manufacturing
Heat Exchanges Manufacturing
Boilers, Tanks
Pipe welding
Wind Towers

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