V-WELD, Tilt Positioner is useful tool machine used to manipulate the job to get the down hand gravity welding for semi-automatic or automatic welding. The job will be loaded and fastened on positioner table, which facilitate the rotation of job in 1 axis and also facilitate to tilt the job, through 120 deg or 135 deg to get the weld area on down hand position. When Tilt positioner integrate with welding manipulators, it can provide excellent results in welding quality, faster production process and ease in operation and handling job. 

V-Weld’s 0-135 Tilt positioners range cover from 10 kgs to 100 Tons, build with various salient features and benefits to purchaser. Contact us for more model details, Capacities, various table sizes and other benefits.

For extra heavy load jobs, it is better to have different type of welding positioner, which has higher centroid dimension of job.The other type of positioners can handle job load upto 220 Tons and centroid of 1900mm & above.

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( Few pictures shown below are of Elevation Positioner type ) 


- Fast production and quality improvements
- Reduce fatigue for welder
- Must for all Heavy engineering units

Use for Manufacturing various Industry specific production like

Heavy Engineering 
Heavy Fabrication
Dish End Handling
Flange to Pipe Welding
Assembly & Desassembly
Painting & Shot blasting
Job Handling for Inspection

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The VWELD Team is at your service.
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