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V-WELD, Welding positioner or Rot-Tilting device, is a machine used to manipulate the job to get the down hand gravity welding for semi-automatic or automatic welding. The job will be loaded and fastened on positioner table, which facilitate the rotation of job in 1 axis and also facilitate to tilt the job, through 120 deg or 135 deg to get the weld area on down hand position.

The welding positioner are designed in various configurations. Normal welding positioners ( conventional welding positioner having 0-120 deg tilt) range includes upto 100 Tons and for further heavy load jobs, it is better to have different type of welding positioner, which has centroid dimension of job. The other type of positioners can handle job load upto 220 Tons and centroid of 1900mm & above. Consult V-WELD for such specific requirement.

Other designs for non cylindrical objects, contact our design department us for more details for same. Get in touch with V-WELD. 

Tilt Positioner

V-WELD, RVP -Tilt Post 0-120°/0-135° forward tilt positioner are useful machines to manipulate job of various size and geometry .

These positioners provides 360° rotation & 120° tilting movement. 

Capacity: 400 kgs to 100 Tons

Light Duty (LD) Positioner

V-WELD, Light duty welding positioners to cater small but critical jobs like flanges, valves, seat welding, pipe welding etc. Small but very useful positioners.

Capacity : 10 kgs to 1500 kgs…

+90°/-45° Tilt Positioner

V-WELD +90°/-45° Tilt Positioners are suitable for Typical applications having forward and backward job handling to get optimum welding joint positining. Best suitable for large and extra large jobs.

Capacity : 30 tons to 100 tons

 Elevation Positioner

V-WELD Unique capability in allowing to adjust the center working height of job, by lifting or lowering the entire chassis of positioner.  

Best flexibility in handling jobs.

Capacity : 700 kgs to 54 Tons

Universal / Robotic Positioner

V-WELD Positioner for most demanding applications. Excellent flexibiltiy to handle complex shaped jobs. Expandled handling envelope of 360° rotation & 360° tilting of your components/job.

Capacity : 500 kgs to 15 Tons

Floor Turn Table

V-WELD Single axis positioner with flat work axis. Suitable for larger diameter job handling for standard requirement.

Job manipulator by 360° continious rotation of table.

Capacity : 400 kgs to 100 Tons

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 Head-Tail Stock Positioner

V-WELD Single, Dual or Three axis positioner suitable for typical long jobs. Ideal machine for any workshop to cater variety of jobs.
Various configulrations/design options available to manipulate larger and different geometry of jobs.

Capacity : 1 Ton to 50 Tons

3 Axis- Hydraulic Positioner

V-WELD Most advance and suitable positioner for any demanding applications. A must machine for any workshop for various applications like welding, handling, assembly etc.

A true 3 axis machine.
Capacity : 250 kgs to 15 Tons

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The VWELD Team is at your service.
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